Funny Jokes

By: Natasha Broodryk Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes

Hi Peeps!!!


I just had an awesome thought og making this page more fun and sharing some jokes with everyone just for a laugh when one needs it!


So.... I'm going to start off with some few Jokes for now and will add more and more as time goes by.


The Traffic Officer pulls Kallie over at around 02h30 in the morning. Kallie is well-groomed!
Officer: "Kallie, you're fart drunk, and you are driving this time of the morning. Where are you going?"
Kallie: "I'm following a lecture about alcohol abuse, alcoholism, gambling, and pick me uppers."
Officer: "And who will give such a lecture at this time of the morning?"
Kallie: "My wife of course!"


Dad sends boy to bed.
After five minutes, boy calls Daaaaad! I am thirsty!
Dad: Go to sleep and if you call me again, I will beat you.
After five minutes the boy calls again, Daaaad!
Dad: what's it this time?
Boy: when you come to beat me, please bring some water!!..